Purposeful Home Maker

Being Purposeful – My Life Goal

Everyday life being a mom, wife, and homemaker is a lot of work. Most of what we do day in and day out doesn’t seem to make much of a lasting difference. I have found myself wondering lately if I am keeping the long-term goals in mind and doing this job with purpose? I know that every mom has days where she feels like she is only just surviving but overall I want to be conscious of how I am doing this job. I know that I have many goals and desires for my husband and children but do I make an effort every day to work towards them?

Purposeful Home Maker

I want my husband to feel loved and respected and I want to do whatever I can to help him be the best man that he can. I want my children to grow up as respectful, honest adults who are full of good character. I want them to be wise and have a love for learning. I want them to know how to teach the next generation how to be all of those things as well. So how do I take these desires and make them a reality? By knowing what the goals are ahead of time and not letting another day go by without working towards them. That way it isn’t a major task but a small daily effort that just happens naturally. If I don’t know the goal then I aimlessly go about the tasks of everyday life and just try to get through them. I want to be a woman of purpose and challenge myself to raise the standard for my family.

That is what this blog is going to be about for me. It isn’t so much a help or advice for others as it is a way for me to make sure that I am staying on course. I want to have a constant reminder of my goals and what I am doing to achieve them. A huge part of this for me is learning how, and teaching my children how, to deal with the practical, everyday things. As much as I think that I don’t need to “have it all together” isn’t that what we all seem to be striving for? When my house is clean, I know what the dinner plan is, I am actually dressed in real clothes (sweats don’t count) and have brushed my hair, that is when I feel best about myself. So here goes my attempts to juggle all that life throws a wife and mom and do so purposefully.

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