Healthy Food and eating habits

GOAL: Teach My Children to Make Healthy Eating Choices

Teach My Children to Make Healthy Eating Choices

I am usually shocked by what is considered healthy foods and really have a desire to teach my kids what real healthy food is. Fortunately lately I have been getting some help from their PE coach at the school. She has told them that some foods are either Go, Slow, or No. Whoo Hoo! They came home ready to teach me all about it. Of course, I have been talking about this to them for years now. I just didn’t realize that I needed cutesy phrases for them to buy into it.
Healthy Food and eating habits
If I could only make my kids see the vitamins and goodness of healthy eating!!!

Today my youngest twin and I went out for some bonding time together. The two of us are very different but we have something in common that brings us together time and time again. We both have a wheat allergy and have to eat gluten-free. None of my other children has it (that I am aware of right now). This particular child is also a very picky eater and loves vegetables just about as much as cleaning her room. So we went out today to go to a gluten-free food sampling at our local Whole Foods. Lots of gluten-free foods have soy (controversial subject, I know, but I feel it is not good hormonally) in them or are highly processed. So in order to really teach my daughter how to make the right choices, I talk to her about the ingredients in her food choices. I mostly ask questions and let her think through the answers. If I tell her everything myself I know that she will 1. forget half of it and 2. just feel like it is my rule. I want her to know the way of healthy eating decisions. We have these discussions just about every day when we are cooking or eating. My hope is that it really impacts not only her and my other children but also my grandchildren to come.

In an attempt to find more healthy foods that my daughter likes I asked her today to pick a vegetable and a fruit that she had never tried. She surprised me and picked some red chard (greens! great choice!) and a pomelo grapefruit. I am excited for her to try them and I think we will keep this up every time we go to the grocery store or farmers market. We don’t eat perfectly all of the time but I will keep working towards this goal of teaching my children to make healthy choices and sometimes one on one is the best way to do that.

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