The Gift In You Book Cover

Understanding The Unique Gifting In All Of Us

The Gift In You Book CoverA few weeks ago I went and heard Dr. Caroline Leaf speak about her newest book The Gift in You: Discovering New Life Through Gifts Hidden in Your Mind. I bought the book and have since been devouring it. I am so thoroughly excited by it because I feel that is such a great resource, not only for me but for my children to be able to understand their unique gifting. Dr. Leaf goes into great detail about how we are all unique and how our brains prove that. The science behind it is absolutely fascinating and I wish that I understood that aspect better. Even though I never went on the path of brain researcher this book is a fascinating read.

Ever since my first child was born I felt like one of the most important things I could do for her was to help her discover her gifting and ultimately her purpose. How many children grow up to be adults who are still wandering through life trying to figure out what they are here for? One of the things that really stood out to me at Dr. Leaf’s talk was the statistic that only about 3% of people actually live up to their potential. There are so many ways we are influenced in our lives to believe that we are not worth much and that only really special people do great things. Well, I have news for my children, and you, everyone is special and everyone can, and should, do great things. By great things, I mean simply being great at what you are called to do. When I try to be like you, or someone else that I admire, I will fall short because I am not wired with your thinking pattern and your giftings. That is why so many people don’t live up to their potential. We are all trying to be someone else.

A few years ago I learned a valuable lesson as a mom. I don’t have to do it like anyone else. I don’t have to be a mom like any other mom. I am me, I am different from every other person on this planet in some way because I was created to be unique and special and an individual. That was very freeing to me because it took the pressure off of me and I could just concentrate on doing things the right way for me, and for my unique children. Sure, there is lots of inspiration out there and that is valuable but it is when we get caught up with trying to become the one we are inspired by instead of just taking on the inspiration that we lose ourselves.

I spend a good amount of time talking to my children about what God has gifted them with. I tell them, not that they can do anything (because let’s face it, a horrible singer will never become a great singer, etc…), but that they each have a great calling and once discovered, they can do something amazing with it that no one else can do. I want my children to be confident that they were created for greatness.

So what is the great thing that I am doing right now? Right now I am doing exactly what I am called to do and I am getting great at it. I don’t say that pridefully but with a humble heart that is grateful for the understanding that I have a purpose and I am walking in it now. My great things right now are being a wife, being a mom, being a daughter, sister, and a friend. Simple, I know, but so profound. When we realize what we are here for we can stop spending so much energy on what we wish we could be and start doing what we ought to do. Remember too, that there are many seasons in life and your purpose for this current season will probably change in a later season. How you are gifted will always be the same but when you start to live the way you were created to, the possibilities of the great things you can do are endless. How is that for being purposeful?

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