The Easy Way To Tackle Hard Stuff

The Easy Way To Tackle Hard Stuff

The Easy Way to Tackle the Hard Stuff

Some things about being a wife, mother and homemaker are just plain hard.  I will be the first one to raise my hand when asked if I often look for more efficient ways to do things.  I am constantly evaluating my methods and looking for ways to become a better manager of my home and time.  The problem is that there are plenty of things that will never have a shortcut or become easier by trying a new method.

The Easy Way To Tackle Hard Stuff

Losing weight is one of those hard things.  We all want a quick fix but the fact of the matter is that the best success in that area will never be achieved with a shortcut.  It takes time and work…lots of work.  Cleaning our homes is another example of something that takes work.  I mean, we would probably all have house cleaners if we could afford them because of how much time and hard work it is to clean and maintain a clean home.  Sure there are great inventions like Roomba Vacuums and Scooba (robot vacuum or mop, highly recommended by me of course) and they do make the tasks easier but unfortunately we don’t have a robot for all of the cleaning stuff (yet).

So even with all of the Swiffer products and daily shower cleaner sprays and all of the other gizmos and gadgets it is still a lot of work to clean a home regularly.  These are just a couple of things that take a lot of physical work.  Being a great friend, a great wife, and a great mom is also a lot of work that there are not really shortcuts for.

Really listening to others is work.  Spending good quality time with them is work.  Meeting their needs is work.  My point is this:  If we keep looking for the easy way to do things we are going to miss our opportunity to be present in our lives.  We will never lose the weight, we will never keep things clean, we won’t make time for important relationships and on and on.  We will just be searching and looking ahead for that easier way that may or may not ever come.

You Have To Face Your Problems And Tackle Them. Hard!

I have been guilty of living my life this way before and let me tell you that it comes with lots of whining (and I’m not talking about the kids).  I love Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan.  When I don’t feel like doing something because it is hard sometimes that is what I need to hear.  Yes, it is hard, but it is necessary and you will feel great when you accomplish it.  So “Just Do It!”  Not what you were expecting was it?  I so wish I could say that I have discovered that one amazing secret to making all of life easier but that is not what life is about.  I have never met anyone who was happy, healthy and whole that didn’t have to work at it.  So the easy way to tackle the hard stuff is to just dig in and do it.  You’ll be happier and enjoy life more when you do.

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