Waxing And Things – Introduction of a friend

Hey guys,

Long time no read, right?

Well, I’ve been busy with life and the kids so I didn’t have that much time to continue writing on my blog.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with my friend Allison.

Allison started a pretty interesting blog on her own. She was struggling with her waxing needs and after not finding all the info needed on the internet she went rogue lol.

She went and bought all the hard waxing kids on Amazon that she could find and tested them all.

Yes, all of them!!!

She started her blog at besthardwax.com  and evidently, she’s doing it pretty successfully too.

I just wanted to introduce her and give her a bit of a boost so you guys get to know her better and maybe even buy s some wax from her Amazon store!

You can also check out her recommendations about which waxing kit to buy – it is by far the most thorough dip into the waxing world I’ve seen to date. I have to be honest with you – I had my own struggles with finding the best wax melting kit before I followed Alice’s recommendation and got me a pretty shine and new Wokaar kit.

It works great!!!


Let me know if you want any more info or anything like than – the comments are wide open!

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