Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

My New Vacuum Cleaner – Made By Xiaomi

I know I’m always behind the hype and always behind technology. The problem is that I’m starting to hate vacuuming lately.

With all the mess the kids and the mess do it seems that I need to vacuum the whole house on a daily basis just to keep it relatively clean. It is tiresome and I can’t play catch up all the time.

So I went and bought a vacuum cleaner. Not just any vacuum cleaner, but a Chinese one that I had no idea about.

See, I always read plenty of reviews when choosing my next gadget at home and most websites I’ve been to rate it pretty highly.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Few downsides that I experienced is that it tends to stuck when it tries to go between furniture legs that are about the same width as the cleaner. I have two of those and it was getting annoying. Needless to say, I have just one now, lol, and I taped some cardboard around the leg so the vacuum can read the room better and realize when it’s time to clean that particular spot not to get stuck there.

But Jesus, what a relief that thing is. I read somewhere that the app is in Chinese, but it looks like they’ve updated it to English now since I don’t see any Chinese stuff anywhere. It connected to the home WiFi and it was a breeze to set up.

Presumably, it has all the same high-end tech like the high-end Roomba models, but those are way out of my budget for the moment.

This review, for example, it rates it as highly as the the high-end Roomba 960, for example. Same navigation tech, same cleaning power, much better battery…

I was thinking about about some of the cheaper models, but the husband got a little bit of a bonus this month and what the heck, you live once, right?

The kids love it, the dog not so much, I’m in love with that thing and the husband doesn’t mind my happiness.

This thing is a life saver and I wholehartedly recommend it to all of you. If not that model, you can choose something cheaper but it won’t be as good as the Mi for the price. Period!

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